Easily keep track of all your taxable items

Quick and simple.

Take a photo of all your important documents for your tax agent's records

Other applications only help you track receipts, The Tax Factor app goes one better and allows you to get refunds from real tax agents.

The Tax Factor are experts at making tax returns quick and painless. They service hundreds of customers across Australia and aim to make tax time easy which is why The Tax Factor have released the Tax Factor app. You can keep track of all your incoming and outgoing taxable items and at tax time request a tax return from anywhere in Australia.

Enter all the relevant information into the form

You can also record documents directly without taking a picture

Using the Tax Factor app you can take a picture of receipts, and other important documents, and categorise them with the amounts so track your income and expenses. You can also track kilometers traveled with the built-in log book, add important contacts to the address book and keep notes in the diary for later reconciliation.

When it's tax time you can request a tax return within the app and get one of The Tax Factor agents to contact you to go through your request. They are quickly able to see all your submissions through the app and can quickly assess your situation so you spend less time on doing taxes and more time on more important things.